SINCE 1926 1675-918 (.646)

Chad  Townsend

Chad Townsend

Men's Basketball
1997-199833−3310691553450.4493388 0.3751121470.7623110813969171 62104545513.8
1996-199730−3010891433320.4311859 0.305951360.6992610312975212 8385639913.3
1996−199863−6321582986770.44051147 0.3472072830.73157211268144383 1451810185413.56

From The Racer Insider
Townsend, a 6-1 guard, played at Murray State from 1996-98. He was a two-time All-OVC selection. Among players who played just two seasons, he is fifth in points scored with 855. Despite playing just two years, he is sixth in career assists and he holds the record for assists in a single season with 212. He finished his career with a 13.6 career scoring average.

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